Great Tips for Sleeping With Back Pain

Great Tips for Sleeping With Back Pain

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Trying to get comfortable to sleep with back pain?

Great Tips for Sleeping With Back Pain

Many of our back pain patients have trouble with sleeping and as we know, sleep is so important to healing and feeling better.  I hope that this video will help solve some issues you may have when trying to get comfortable with sleep.

Main tips to remember:

  • try keep your spine in good position.  Keep it neutral vs letting it sag.  Use towels rolled up or pillow.
  • Keep hips lined up with pillows and make sure the support goes from the thigh all the way to the ankles.  This limits any twisting on the spine.
  • Put a pillow behind your back if needed for a different position especially if you can’t lay directly on your side due to hip, shoulder or back pain.

Earlier I did a video blog about neck pain and sleeping.  Now you should be complete to have a restful night with both videos to give you tips.

– Tammy

Tips for Sleeping With Back Pain - Free Back pain phone consultation

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