Great Gift Ideas for Health and Fitness Fanatics

Great Gift Ideas for Health and Fitness Fanatics

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Trying to shop for someone who is into (or trying to get into) healthy living? There are some questions you should ask yourself to start, such as:

  • What form of exercise do they like most?
  • Are they tech savvy?
  • What do they spend their free-time doing?
  • Do they typically exercise indoors, outdoors or both?
  • Do they belong to any gyms or have any current memberships?

These are all specific questions that you could run through to get a brief understanding of what kind of gift would work for their lifestyle. Now, you always have the option to flat out ask someone what they would like, but if you’re somebody who likes to keep things more of a surprise, then you need to put some thought into who they are and what they’re into. To help you out, we’ve put together some ideas for you the next time you’re shopping for the health and fitness fanatic in your life!

Wireless Headphones

No matter what kind of activity they enjoy, everyone can benefit from the convenience of wireless headphones. Even if someone already has a pair, you can never have too many pairs at your disposal.  Walkers, runners, and cyclists especially enjoy a pair of easy to wear and comfortable headphones that eliminate the fuss of wires and cords.

Storage Water Bottles

Another idea is a gift that really amps up an ordinary item. Storage waterbottles are one of those things that, you don’t really think about their benefits or don’t think you need until you actually own one (or a few). These combine the ability to carry your water, keys and event cash or credit cards so that you don’t have to worry about misplacing items during your workout or active day. These are great for throwing in a workout bag, diaper bag or car.

Gym Membership or Workout Class Package

Sometimes you might know that somebody is a fitness fanatic who sticks to a home routine or outside running. Many times they want to join a gym, but simply don’t because they don’t have the budget. Gifting a gym membership or even a package of workout classes could be a great gift idea, especially if you know they would want to go to that place where you’re purchasing from. Many boutique exercise clubs that offer classes like yoga, barre and pilates offer packages of 5-10 classes. This would then let them enjoy a class whenever they want and don’t feel the pressure to stick to a membership.

Monthly Subscription Services

There are a ton of monthly subscription services now available for all lifestyles and interests. Our favorites for healthy lifestyles include magazine, healthy snack boxes or even packages of new workout gear. A quick and each Google search can point you in the right direction to tons of subscription services that are very customizable to your budget.


We hope you found these gift ideas and fun and interesting! Happy shopping!


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Great Gift Ideas for Health and Fitness Fanatics

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