Great Book Recommendation: Shotgun Lovesongs

Great Book Recommendation: Shotgun Lovesongs

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Great Book Recommendation: Shotgun Lovesongs

If you are looking for a good book to read I have to highly recommend “Shotgun Lovesongs,” by Nickolas Butler.  One, because it is by my brother-in-law who wrote it and two, it really is a fabulous book.   It has been given rave reviews by the New York Times and Star Tribune (along with many others).

The book is based on a small town right by where I grew up. (Eau Claire, WI)  It tells the story of 5 individuals from a town called Little Wing and how their lives connect.  There is Henry, the farmer who has always stayed in Little Wing, Kip, a man who left Little Wing for Chicago, then came back to rebuild the old mill, Beth, the lovable wife of Henry, which every woman can relate to, and Ronny, a former rodeo rider and alcoholic, living in Little Wing, who just wants to get out, and Lee, a rockstar, who has traveled the world, but always, returns to Little Wing which is truly his home.

This novel highlights small town living; the challenges and beauty.  It makes you want to go back home and enjoy your lifelong friends.  With twists and turns, this novel will have you up all night, and wanting to read it a second time right after.

I’d like to hear some of your favorite books and recommendations!

Happy Reading,

– Kailten

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