Golf Warm Up Tips To Prevent Back Pain

Golf Warm Up Tips To Prevent Back Pain

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Golf Warm Up Tips To Prevent Back Pain

Don't let back pain prevent you from hitting the links this summer. It doesn't take much to make it an enjoyable and injury free summer for golf (if it ever comes).  

1. Warm up before playing

First, start with stretching the shoulders, torso, and hips as well as the hamstrings. The shoulder and torso can be stretched using a club behind the neck and shoulders and rotating the trunk.

Rotating trunk of body golf warm up tipsRotating trunk of body golf warm up tips 2

The hips can be stretches by standing, grabbing on knee and bringing it into the chest.

Knee to chest golf warm up tips

The hamstrings can be stretched by standing with your legs straight and trying to touch your toes.

Toe touches golf warm up tips

The next exercise that can be done is to gently swing the golf club in a simulated golf swing to warm up the trunk. If there is time to hit some balls at the range starting with the smaller irons and progressing up to the larger woods.  

2. Have your swing analyzed to prevent extra stress on the low back

The force generated by the golf swing largely stresses the disc spaces in the L5-S1. This area of the back allows the the majority of the rotation needed for an effective golf swing. A golf swing professional or physical therapist that is trained in video analysis can help you maximize your form without added stress on the body.  

3. Carrying your golf bag safely

Make sure the equipment that you are carrying is not the cause of your pain. Using good body mechanics when setting down and picking up your bag can add to good back health. Bag straps that place all the pressure on one shoulder versus 2 can add to stress on your back. Try to use dual straps on the golf bag to divide the weight across the back to reduce the chances of developing pain from an uneven load.   Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

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