Our Golf Specific Rehabilitation Programs At OSI

Our Golf Specific Rehabilitation Programs At OSI

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Our Golf Specific Rehabilitation Programs At OSI

OSI Physical Therapy offers golf specific rehabilitation programs to help golfers return to the course after injury or prevent injuries from happening in the first place.  Our golf experts perform a comprehensive physical evaluation as well as video analysis.

This allows us to determine what physical limitations are present that may be causing specific swing flaws that can lead to injury. From there, our clinicians will develop a personalized exercise program specifically for you in order to address these findings.

The program will consist of golf specific exercises to be performed independently and also hands on manual physical therapy when necessary to help our golfers improve  in areas of mobility and flexibility. The program will not only help golfers avoid injury but also help improve performance which all of us are looking for! 🙂 If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment please contact me at anytime.

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