The Craziness Of 2 A Days

The Craziness Of 2 A Days

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The Craziness Of 2 A Days

So what exactly are 2 a days?  It is that time a year when all fall sports start at the high schools.  This is the craziest time for athletic trainers.  It is a time when we, athletic trainers, should just sleep at the school because the hours between getting home and returning the next day are next to none.  These are the 2 weeks where it is normal to put in 60 plus hours of hard work dealing with injuries of all kinds, organizing new supplies received, meeting with coaches and parents and many other things that I can’t think of as I type this.  I am starting my 8th year with Stillwater high school and this has probably been my most stressful year!  I am returning to sports with no athletic training room and a new baby.

I missed all of spring sports due to being on maternity leave so I never did my final clean up and organizing at the school.  This turned out to be ok because I ended up having to empty my entire room so it could be re-done.  I have waited patiently to have my room re-done since I started at Stillwater.  The only problem is 1 week before 2 a days I was told my room would not be ready and I would have to set up in a locker room until it was done.  Today has been a challenge finding all my supplies I may need for the next 2 weeks.  I am making due and counting down until I can finally move into my “new to me” space.

Elijah - 2 a daysBesides not having an ATR I also had the challenge of leaving my son Elijah for the entire day.  This is the first time I will be away from him for more than 4 hours.  Yes, there were tears in my eyes as I drove away from the house early this morning!  I know he will be ok and I will survive, but I never thought it would be this hard.  I guess having the stress of no ATR will help keep my mind off of how much I miss him.

Well I need to get back to work and check on all the teams.  Look for my update in a few weeks to see what my room looks like and how Elijah (and me) survived 2 a days!

– Sarah

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