Gavin Pugh: A Fight Against The Clock!!

Gavin Pugh: A Fight Against The Clock!!

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We are in the business of restoring function to our patients.  Though we inherit nicknames like “physical terrorists” we are a caring community.  We treat the young and old, injuries from weekend warriors and sports, we treat and counsel families, we treat the effects of strokes and diseases.  We see patients who we grow to know.  We’ve been with them when they have lost spouses, gone through cancer treatments and we’ve had patients pass away.  Physical therapy has a place in most everyone’s home, but sometimes we fight against the clock.

I want to share a cause that is very close to my heart.   Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or also referred to as Lou Gehrig’s Disease is a disease that effects the nerve cells in our brain and our spinal cord.  The site of degeneration is at the motor neurons.  Without the ability for this nerve impulse, the voluntary muscles don’t get impulses, thus there is no muscle movement and the muscles start wasting away.   The disease slowly takes away the ability to actively walk, stand, reach, swallow, breath.  There is no cure.

My daughter has played soccer since she was 4 years old.  She is now 14.   8 of those years she has had the extreme fortune to have been coached by a very kind, talented and motivating trainer.  He gave her the nickname “Mango” because her ball was bright yellow.  Last year her Dragon soccer coach, Gavin Pugh had some difficulty swallowing.   He was told it was acid reflux. It didn’t get better.  He then noticed some problems with his ankle which lacked some movement.  Devistating for a soccer player. The MD diagnosed Gavin with ALS and Mayo Confirmed the diagnosis in early 2012. Gavin is married to his wife Crisha and they have 2 young children, Katalina (4) and Caden (2).  I know that physical therapy is a part of Gavin’s everyday living.

Next month the Centennial Soccer Club is sponsoring a Dragon Chase on April 19th for a 5K and pancake Breakfast to Benefit Gavin Pugh.  My daughter and I will be running and eating.  Come and cheer on her whole soccer team or Visit to register.

Visit their Facebook page as well for info.

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Feel free to contact me about any questions.  I would love to hear your story!!!

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