How Does Your Garden Grow?

How Does Your Garden Grow?

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

Are you ready to start your own vegetable garden?  Some people know exactly what type of vegetables they want to grow and others have the garden space but aren’t sure what to put in there.  If you are just starting out as a veggie gardener, I would suggest doing square foot gardening.  Square foot gardening is planting per square foot instead of in basic rows. This can increase the amount of produce you can grow and decrease unused space.  My advice to you would be if you have a raised garden bed to outline your square feet with string first and then plant. After your plants are in, add some chicken wire around the garden bed.  This will keep the rabbits and squirrels out.

Square Foot Gardening - Blog Post

You can even look up online which plants to plant by each other and which ones that do not grow nicely when placed by each other.  But if you are just starting out, I feel like getting plants in the ground and having the rabbits not eat the plants before they produce is a great step!

Here is a nice chart which shows how many of each type of plant to plant per square foot.  So you will see if you only have 1 square foot of gardening space you can still plant something.  Choose the vegetables you would like to plant and then make a drawing on scratch paper of the space you have and how you are going organize your plants.  Then go buy the plants or transplant your seedlings.  Plant them in your garden and watch them grow!  Nothing is better than going to pick some fresh tomatoes or watermelon and eating them at their peak freshness.

Do you have a vegetable garden?  What did you plant?  What works the best for you?

Happy Planting!

– Kaitlen

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