Physical Therapy And The Future Of Healthcare

Physical Therapy And The Future Of Healthcare

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Physical Therapy And The Future Of Healthcare

The Beginning

33 years ago OSI Physical Therapy opened our doors with the vision of being the leading force in orthopedic rehab, wellness, and preventative services in the Twin Cities area. During this time we have grown from 2 to over 100 employees strong and from 1 location to 10 in the East Metro of the Twin Cities. From our humble beginnings to now, OSI has never lost sight of the most important parts of our business, which are our customers and staff.

Cutting Edge

As an organization we are innovative in our approach to rehabilitation services. Although our beginnings were strongly based in sport medicine, today OSI has more than 13 specialty services. As part of our innovative approach, OSI was the first therapy practice in the Twin Cities to develop and implement clinical guidelines and we were the first to track and compare our therapy outcomes with FOTO (Focus On Therapeutic Outcomes) to other practices across the nation. Today, we are working on a new care delivery model, which will maximize patient outcomes and satisfaction all the while managing our care to help reduce the total cost of health care.

Changes Ahead

When I hear about health care reform and the new demands all of us face whether we are a consumer or provider, I believe OSI is well prepared to handle the changes in the health care market. We will no doubt see new payment models, higher out-of-pocket expenses, and changes in how we all access our care. I am confident OSI will continue to provide and improve upon quality care that meets the demands of our customers.

If you have further interest in OSI’s services, or you want to know more about how we manage our care, please feel free to visit our website at or you can contact me directly at 651-275-4709. I’d love to hear your questions, comments and feedback in the comments below as well.

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– Jody

Jody Ruppert, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at OSI Physical Therapy


Jody Ruppert

Jody Ruppert

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