FOTO Outcomes Conference In Knoxville, Tennessee

FOTO Outcomes Conference In Knoxville, Tennessee

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(Left to right: Craig Johnson, Tony O’Bright, Pete Larson, Jim Hoyme, TJ McLeod)

FOTO Outcomes Conference in Knoxville, Tennessee

This past weekend I had the opportunity to travel with my colleagues Tony O’Bright and T.J. McLeod to Knoxville, Tennessee, for the annual FOTO Outcomes Conference.  For those who aren’t familiar with it, FOTO is a tool we use at OSI Physical Therapy to help track how much better we get our patients, as well as how efficiently we do so (Here is a previous blog post I wrote about it) The purpose of the annual FOTO conference is to expand the PT professions’ knowledge, utilization, and efficiency of FOTO so that we can maximize our patient care.

FOTO Conference 2014 - OSI Physical Therapy 08

Pete, Tony and TJ in the Knoxville Market Square


I was really inspired by how FOTO can be influential to physical therapy at the individual level, the company level, and even to the entire healthcare system!  For example, Dr. Robert Wainer discussed how getting individual feedback on our FOTO performance can help therapists realize areas of clinical practice where we are excelling, and other areas where we need to continue to improve.  At the company level, FOTO created new widgets so that it can be used as a marketing tool to show off our incredible outcomes compared to other local clinics.  Finally, our own Jim Hoyme had an excellent presentation about how FOTO can be used to show that PT helps lower total healthcare costs, something our country desperately needs to do!


FOTO Outcomes Conference in Knoxville - Jim Hoyme speaking

(FOTO Outcomes Conference in Knoxville – Jim Hoyme speaking)


Outside of the conference, we all had a wonderful time in the city of Knoxville.  It is a surprisingly large area (metro population around 800,000), has a really cool downtown, and is right next to the Smoky Mountains (photo 14), which I later learned is the most traveled to National Park in North America!  They also had amazing barbeque, a really cool street-art fair (photos 23, 26), and very nice people.  TJ is 85% sure ‘The Truman Show’ was based on people and events occurring in Knoxville.  We all would highly recommend a trip to this wonderful part of Tennessee.  We also would recommend that you check into the PT clinics in your area to see if they are using FOTO, as it really can help you decide which clinic can help you maximize your recovery!

Thanks for reading everyone and leave your comments and questions below!

– Pete

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