Florida Trip, Day 2. Nashville to Cape Canaveral

Florida Trip, Day 2. Nashville to Cape Canaveral

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Florida Trip, Day 2. Nashville to Cape Canaveral

getting work doneToday started out just as early as yesterday, with a quick breakfast, and looking down the barrel of another 770 miles to our next destination. Today would take us through what I might consider to be the most beautiful country ever made. Southern Tennessee is my new favorite place, coming only second (but not by far) to the inside of my ice fishing shack on Lake Mazaska. As luck would have it, rain was pouring in tremendous amounts this morning as we made our way out of Nashville and south toward Chattanooga. We made pretty good time, and my wife drove for a few hours, allowing me to get some vital work done (mostly catching up on blogs, editing videos, and checking emails. Isn’t it nice to be connected 100% of the time?!).

Chattanooga was where the fun ran out though, and as we descended into Georgia, life just got weird. Key lesson here: when stopping for fuel, stick to the Pilot or Flying J stations. Mom and pop gas stations don’t have the same “homey” atmosphere as mom and pop restaurants do. That is unless you’re looking for a stuffed cat in a whicker basket for your brother in law, a laser gun from 1988, or a model alligator head made out of bits of real alligator, so you know its good. All of these can be had for under $20, or you could probably talk the station attendant into a bundle package if you so desired! (Unfortunately neither my wife or I brought our phones into this environment to get pictures, but this place exists right north of Valdosta, GA). At about this same time, I got a text notifying me that 75% of our Verizon data had been consumed. I guess streaming Pandora Radio (Journey and Foreigner radio today) for 25 hours, running Apple Maps, and uploading blog videos (you’re welcome TJ!) for two days will get you there. A quick phone call to my inside guy at Verizon got our plan bumped to 8Gb. That should get us home with some data to spare.

Jon and His Wife

As we rolled into Florida, we were greeted by the smell of orange blossoms and the promise that our destination was just minutes away. The Florida Highway Patrol was out in full force today, so we didn’t push the speed limits. As we crested the final bridge onto the island on which our hotel sits, we realized we had made it. Florida, at last. Per usual, we consulted with Yelp on the iPhone to pick a place to eat, and Grills Bar was our first choice. The wait was 40 minutes, so we hopped next door to Seafood Atlantic. They closed 30 seconds after we walked in the door, but invited us to stay and eat. Excellent choice. The server, Libia, was very pleasant and ensured that we enjoyed our stay. Blue crab, crab cakes, and key lime pie were a hit. We will be back before we head out of town for their oyster platter (my food goal for Florida).

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Thanks again for reading, and from the king suite at Radisson Resort on the Port, good night.


Miles travelled: 770

Hours in the car: 12.5

Pandora Station: Journey or Foreigner

Best Food: Seafood Atlantic (www.seafoodatlantic.org) ask for Libia

– Jon

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