Physical Therapist Florida Roadtrip 2014 – Pt 1

Physical Therapist Florida Roadtrip 2014 – Pt 1

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Florida Roadtrip 2014 - A Physical Therapist Hits The Road

This morning started at 6:30am. At least, that’s when we hit the road. Technically, I was up at 5:00. Not how I would normally choose to start a vacation, but I’m heading out on a 9 day road trip with my wife to Naples, Florida. The dogs are at the sitter, and we are on the open road. Our journey will take us through Illinois (possibly the worst state to drive through), Kentucky (how soon can I move here?), Tennessee, Alabama, and into Florida where we will spend three days in Cape Canaveral, and then travel the final leg to our destination in Naples. Over the next 8 days or so, I’ll try to keep you updated about the people we meet, the food we eat, and the sites we see! I’ll try to get some pictures in somewhere too. Photo Mar 27, 7 52 37 PM The first day was uneventful for the most part, it rained almost the entire drive down. Not a bad thing, I enjoy driving in the rain. I’d rather not waste a sunny day sitting in the car. Downside is the Hyundai only pulled about 32 mpg bucking a headwind the whole way. The traffic moved pretty well, and the “90’s Summer Hits” station on Pandora Radio kept us entertained for most of the drive. When we tired of that, we threw on Dave Ramsey’s the Total Money Makeover audio book. He’s a radio host whom we will meet on our return trip through Nashville next friday. We got into Nashville at about 7pm. Enough time to check into our hotel, and then go find a place to eat. We decided on barbecue, and pulled up the Yelp app on my iPhone to gather suggestions from the masses. We decided on a place called “Papa Turneys.” It was awesome! First time I’ve ever had collared greens, or Chess pie. The 3 meat platter was more than enough for two people, so for $13 how can you go wrong? The sweet tea was excellent as well. As an added bonus, since I “checked in” on the Yelp app, the pie was free. How can you go wrong? Maya was a wonderful host and Marlow cooked up an incredible meal! Thanks guys! It’s time to go rest the eyes. Tomorrow promises another 12 hours in the car, and a whole new set of adventures. From the king suite at Radisson Hotel Nashville, good night.

Daily overview:

Miles traveled: 880 Hours in the car: 13 Pandora Station: 90’s Summer Hits Best Food: Papa Turneys in the Hermitage ( Photo Mar 27, 7 41 20 PM Photo Mar 27, 7 28 55 PM Photo Mar 27, 7 41 44 PM

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