Florida Blog – The Naples Experience

Florida Blog – The Naples Experience

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Florida Blog - The Naples Experience

When I told my patients that my wife and I were traveling to Naples, Florida, I got a lot of “ooohh high class!” responses. I didn’t quite know what to expect until I pulled up to the front security gate at the entrance to this gated community. Florida Trip - Country Club - OSI Physical Therapy  9 AMWe got our pass, and made our way through the winding roads to their “village”. As it was later in the day, we had supper fairly quickly and then headed to downtown Naples, where I was completely blindsided by culture shock. You see, it’s not every day that I get to see a McLaren MP412C, or a brand new Bentley Continental, or more Ferraris than I can count on both hands (and feet if my socks are off). I always thought of Mercedes Benz and BMW as high end automobiles, and that they are, unless you are among the wealthy in Naples. Then your car is probably a Rolls Royce or a Maserati. I had to pick my jaw up off the ground as we walked 5th Avenue (the place where all the rich people park their cars along the street and dine in open air restaurants with menus and no prices). It was an absolute incredible experience I’ll never forget. The next day, my wife’s cousin Charlie invited me to go on the golf course with him. I’ve played (if you can even call it “playing”) golf less than 5 times in my entire life, and I don’t care for the game, but when you get offered a chance to play on an Arnold Palmer Signature course, you don’t pass up that opportunity. Florida Trip - Country Club - OSI Physical Therapy  7 PM   We hit balls around for an hour or so, I mostly made divets and Charlie kept busy reminding me to not swing too hard. Remember my mini golf experience? See a common thread? I’ll stick with archery and guns. Either way, the Naples Lakes Country Club has a beautiful course, and I can see how they command the prices they charge to play there. Next time we’re back, I’ll go back out and swing at a few balls. Maybe I’ll wear different shoes, as Charlie kept telling me that my feet were moving funny in my camo Crocs. I needed to bring a little ‘Merica with me, as he wouldn’t let me bring my guns out and hunt the panthers or ‘gators. They escaped my trophy wall this time… From the country club, good night! - Jon

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