Five Goals To Healthy Eating!

Five Goals To Healthy Eating!

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Five Goals To Healthy Eating

So January has come and gone and so has February.  If you have ditched your New Year Resolution to eat healthier already, there is no better time to get back on track than now.  I mean Summer is just right around the corner ;) I have written out 5 tips to healthy eating.  Take each step in stride, don’t try them all at once.  Make small goals for yourself and breathe, you’re going to do great!

Goal #1

Five Goals to Healthy Eating 4When your grocery shopping, shop in the outer ring of the grocery store.  You aren’t going to find all of the processed foods here.  In the outer ring/outer perimeter of the store, you find the fresh fruits and veggies, lean proteins, and dairy.  These are all great items to place on your grocery list.  Also: additional tip, buy the fruits and veggies which are in season, they are cheaper, and lets’ be honest, who doesn’t like to save a buck.    

Goal #2

Five Goals to Healthy Eating 3Pack food for when you leave the house.  I mean seriously, how many times do you say “I’m just going to run to Target,” and then run about 5 other errands.  This way if you pack a few pre-cut carrots or a piece of fruit, when the hunger strikes, you will have a healthy option with you and that drive thru line won’t be calling your name.      

Goal #3

Limit processed foods.  This is huge, and requires planning.  This includes; crackers, chips, boxed mac n’ cheese, anything which can sit in your pantry and not go bad for a very long time.  These foods are usually high in sodium and saturated fat.  None of which we want!  Shop on the perimeter of the grocery store, this will help you stay away from most of the processed foods.  Who wants to eat food that you can’t even pronounce what the ingredients are in it anyway?  

Goal #4

Five Goals to Healthy Eating 2Choose Whole Grains.  Don’t look at just the color though, because you don’t want to be fooled.  Some brown colored breads can be made with enriched white flour as the first ingredient, and that’s not a whole grain at all L.  So make sure you are reading the labels, you want the first ingredient to be whole grain wheat, whole grain flour, etc.  The reason you want whole grains is because it won’t spike your blood sugar and cause a crash later. Also (proceed to next goal) you can get some more fiber in there than, regular enriched flour products, bonus!  

Goal #5

Five Goals to Healthy Eating 1Always incorporate protein and fiber into each meal.  This will help you stay fuller longer!  You can find protein in so many different foods including, yogurt, milk, fish, and eggs.  And don’t forget fiber, which is found in berries, legumes, and veggies.  Also, it helps to keep the ol’ digestive system clean, and helps build lean muscle. I'd love to hear your thoughts or your ideas on how to best live a healthy life at  

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