FIFTH Annual Biggest Winner Competition!

FIFTH Annual Biggest Winner Competition!

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It’s that time of year again…Biggest Winner 2014! NEW this year you register as an individual (pick the day, time and trainer that works for you) but compete as a team.  Once all registrations are complete, participants will be randomized into teams of 3 or 4.

The grand prize this year will go to the team that loses the highest percentage of body weight AND body fat combined.  Grand prize is $1000.00 split between your team members as well as each member of the team receives a FREE single membership for ONE-FULL YEAR!

The contest kicks-off on OCT 27th and runs for eight weeks (end date: DEC 19th).  Your $125 registration fee includes eight one-hour sessions (one-time a week) with a CERTIFIED personal trainer, a Training Room logo journal and water bottle as well as lots of FUN and friendly competition.  Registration Deadline is WED OCT 22nd.

View full competition details as well as register by CLICKING HERE.

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