Manage And Improve Your Symptoms By Breathing

Manage And Improve Your Symptoms By Breathing

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Manage And Improve Your Symptoms By Breathing

Nearly every physical problem is accompanied by a disturbance of breathing. But which comes first?

So whether you experience anxiety reactions, headaches, fibromyalgia, insomnia, Myofascial pain, neck, jaw or back pain that seems out of control, than your breath maybe a tool that you can use to manage and improve your symptoms.

Notice first how are you breathing?  Are you breathing?  Is it fast or slow to you?  Are you using your neck, stomach or your diaphragm for breathing?  Are you tense?  Notice how you feel your back moves with your breathing.  Pay close attention to gently and quietly inhale without over inflating.  Notice how your shoulders soften and your chest empties as you exhale.  You want to try to allow yourself all the time you can to breathe out comfortably and completely.  Your body will naturally breath without a conscious effort.  If your pattern of breath is shallow or fast or you hold your breath than this is how you will breathe during the day and during sleep without a conscious awareness.

With instruction and with practice, I can help create a balance in the belly muscles and also teach you how to breathe for relaxation.  I can help to train the appropriate muscles of the stomach to relax enough on inhalation as the diaphragm contracts, but still remains active enough to support your lower back and then engage to be strong enough to assist during exhalation.  This is important for the stability of your diaphragm.

So do you respond to stress, anger and other emotions by holding your breath?  Staying centered and calm with your breathing can settle even the biggest emotional storms in your life.

Let me know if you have any questions.  If you have a need to de-stress, reduce tension and teach you strategies on how to reduce that chronic pain at  Peace!

– Kristine
Kristine Sicora

Kristine Sicora

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