Everyday Household Items To Use For Your Workouts

Everyday Household Items To Use For Your Workouts

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I have a really darling 6 year old who is not afraid to speak her mind and although I think this quality will serve her well in life, I may need to help refine how and when she expresses her opinions.  For example, recently she blurted out that I have bingo arms.  What are bingo arms you ask?  Well, I asked Grace and her response was this,” you know Mommy – when you raise your hand to yell bingo and the skin under your arm waves.”  Awesome.  Again, she may need a little guidance.
So, this has been on my mind a lot lately.  I do not get to the gym as often as I would like and I have been thinking how can I fit in some tricep workouts during my day.  Lately, as I  go around the house doing my chores, these are some of the ways I have tried to firm up my bingo arms.  Hope this list is helpful for some of you as well!

Everyday Household Items To Use For Your Workouts

Bingo Arms - OSI Physical Therapy 1

Bingo Arms - OSI Physical Therapy 5

1. Triceps dips on the coffee table:

With my back to the coffee table, legs out straight and palms on the top of the table, I start with my elbows straight and slowly lower myself towards the ground, being mindful of keeping most of my body weight going through my arms and not cheating with my legs.  I lift up and slowly lower until fatigue.

Bingo Arms - OSI Physical Therapy 6

Bingo Arms - OSI Physical Therapy 2

2. Laundry detergent extensions:  

Bent forward at the waist, supporting myself with one arm on the top of the washing machine and the other arm hanging down while holding a bottle of laundry detergent, I pull my elbow up towards the ceiling as if I was rowing a boat and then extend my elbow straight; then slowly bend my elbow back to the rowing position and repeat until my triceps get tired.  I have also tried this with a bottle of wine but these usually are opened and used as my reward so there isn’t much weight to them. 🙂

Bingo Arms - OSI Physical Therapy 4

Bingo Arms - OSI Physical Therapy 3

3. Counter top push ups:

Sometimes it seems like too much time to get on and off the floor, so while I am waiting for something to finish cooking in the microwave, I will do pushups on the countertop for the duration of the cooking time.  Although these are not as difficult as floor push ups, the increased reps I get at the counter top work on my endurance for the triceps muscles.
Although these are only a few options, I hope this gets you thinking about how you can fit in a little more of a workout into your busy schedule.
– Amy
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Amy Prose

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