Announcement: Awesome Giveaway At The Training Room

Announcement: Awesome Giveaway At The Training Room

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Every New Day is a Chance to Change Your Life

Ever woke up in the morning wishing and hoping and wanting to make a change in your life?  Maybe it’s a commitment to increase your physical activity, maybe it’s a schedule that allows for healthy eating, maybe it’s trips to the store to purchase real food, maybe it’s setting aside 30 minutes or an hour of time a few days a week that is for you, or maybe it is just letting something go on your plate by taking a step back and evaluating all that is important to you.

Will today be your day?

Better yet, how about scheduling your day on the calendar for Thursday, June 6th and making that the day you decide to commit?

At the Training Room, as part of the annual Somerset town celebration, we kick off the fun filled weekend with the Pea Soup 5k run and ½ mile kids walk.  Registration for the event begins at 4:00pm and the race/run/jog/walk/stroll starts at 6:00pm.  The kids’ race follows the finish of the 5k.  So, how about it?  Can you put it in your calendar now and be there for this great event?

The atmosphere at the Pea Soup 5k is great, there is a crowd there to cheer on their friends and family to successful runs, groups gather at the finish for post-race food and beverages, there are plenty of prize give-a-ways and awards for the participants.  There is music playing and smiles all around.

Our Awesome Giveaway

New this year…we want to spread the word about what we do.  We want to make an impact on your fitness, your healthy lifestyle, and your accountability to healthy habits.  So, in addition to the large list of fun and festivities mentioned above, we are adding a new opportunity this year to someone new to our facility.  We are having a drawing for some really fantastic prizes to a current non-member of The Training Room.  Maybe this will be the night that you really do experience our facility and what we have in our community.


  1. Free 6 month Group Personal Training (1 time/week training) Membership ($654.00 value)

  2. Free 6 month single membership ($306.00 value)

  3. Package of 5 Nutrition Consultation Sessions ($200.00 value)

So, what is on your calendar for Thursday, June 5th at 6:00pm?  Will you be at our Pea Soup Days 5k celebration to take a tour of our facility and to enter yourself into the drawing that might be the day that you take the step to change your life?  How about bringing a friend?  Change is always easier when you do it with someone you care about.

I hope to see you there and would be glad to answer any questions you might have!

– Heather

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Heather Larson

Heather Larson

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