EMR Documentation System Means More Focus On The Patients

EMR Documentation System Means More Focus On The Patients

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EMR Documentation System

Here at OSI Physical Therapy, we’ve been undergoing some BIG technology changes! We are so excited about these changes and how they have been making your experience as a patient so much better.

Behind the scenes we have been working to fine tune our new EMR documentation system. We’re upgrading our wireless, data and phone services all to create an atmosphere where our front desk and therapists can truly focus on your treatment and your questions.

This past summer we changed all 9 of our clinics over to Apple technology. It was a big undertaking, but with change comes great opportunities. Our front desk staff can now check you in more efficiently, get you scheduled and help you with your FOTO survey to ensure you don’t lose any of your valuable time.

EMR Documentation System

Our therapists were so excited to start using iPads and all the technology that they offer to our patients. The iPads have truly allowed the therapists to interact with our patients on a much more personal level.Now we can sit down with you and immediately show you the video we took of you’re running gait or throwing and break it down frame by frame. We are able to show you 3D rotating images of your injury, explain exactly how your injury has been impacting your movement and how it will look and feel after your therapy sessions.

We can text or email you your exercises so you won’t loose that paper copy on your way home. We have heard such great feedback from our patients thus far!

We know that we have only scratched the surface of all the amazing technology we now have available to us. We can’t wait for you to see what’s next to make your experience here at OSI even better.

Feel free to shoot us an email if you’d like to come in for a FREE consultation and see what Physical Therapy can do for you.

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– Colleen

EMR Documentation System

Colleen Harris, IT Specialist at OSI Physical Therapy


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