Dude, Where’s My Car?

Dude, Where’s My Car?

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Dude, Where’s My Car?

Although this movie failed to live up to the hype that preceded it’s release, this tagline has plagued shoppers, beach goers, and probably just about everyone who has ever driven a car. Apple has come through with an indirect solution to solve this age old question; Find My Friends. This free app gives a user the ability to locate other friends in his or her network. Now this is where most people get all freaked out and claim this app is creepy, or big brother, or stalker-ish or whatever. That’s due to lack of understanding of how the app works. I don’t get to pick out people randomly and find where they are. I have to send a request to someone specifically, and that user has to accept my request. At any point in time, either user can terminate the connection, and location finding is done.

Florida Wheres my Car  - OSI Physical Therapy  7 AMMy wife and I are connected to each other via Find My Friends, and it is really helpful in knowing where one another is. For example, if she goes to spend the day with her sister, I don’t have to send her a text or call her asking if she is still at her sister’s house. I just pull up Find My Friends, and see she is there, and don’t have to bother her. One exception: around birthdays or holidays we go off the grid so we can’t spy on shopping venues!

What does this all mean for the beach though? Well, today we went to Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota, FL on our way down to Naples. Although the weather was cold (60 degrees) and cloudy and the water felt like Lake Superior, we packed it out to the beach and found some real estate amongst a flock of sea gulls. I left my iPhone in my car, and my wife kept her iPhone with her. We didn’t walk too far from knowing where the parking lot was, but I wanted to prove the concept. On the beach, I pulled up Find My Friends on her phone, and sure enough, there was my phone reporting it’s location! It worked!

I’m not sure how applicable this would be to parking ramps or things of that nature, and of course this method requires that you have two people with iPhones and one willing to leave his/hers in the car, but the concept worked! Of course, if you’re alone or are not connected with someone on Find My Friends, you can always bookmark your car’s location in the Maps app and find your way back!

Florida Wheres my Car  - OSI Physical Therapy  2 PM

I’ll be back next time with another tech tidbit for you! Thanks again for reading, time for snorkeling!

– Jon

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