Are You Damaging Your Muscles Without Knowing It?

Are You Damaging Your Muscles Without Knowing It?

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It’s easy to think that if you go to the gym, stay active and eat right, then your muscles are probably in tip top shape, right? After all, they’re putting in effort specifically towards feeling good, so what could ever go wrong? As a matter of fact, plenty — and it may have to do exactly with the ways that your body is being put through regular workouts.

Exercise is intended to put the human body under stress in order to get stronger, so it actually makes quite a lot of sense that the same stress could have negative effects as well. Whether it be not focusing on a specific area enough, or focusing on an area TOO much, things can go wrong in the weight room, on the treadmill, or even in your home gym. Well, let’s examine some of those issues.

Don’t Ignore Your Core

When it comes to your muscles, the effectiveness of some exercises boils down to balance. If all that you focus on is your upper body or lower body, without doing any workouts that contribute to building up your midsection/core, then it’s basically like building a house without laying down a foundation. Without a strong core, injury during an extensive workout is much more prone to happening.

Mix It Up

In a similar way, it’s possible to focus too much on a single routine, thinking that it will be some sort of cure all. As it turns out, people have devised different exercise routines for centuries, because it’s not healthy to stick to simply one or two patterns. When you continuously repeat the same procedure day in and day out, the maneuvers basically become less than a workout and more of a chore. The body hits autopilot, and when that’s the case, less and less benefits are gained.

Give it a Rest

As with anything, it’s best to pace yourself as well. However, when you work out, you may have the mindset that more is better. This continued persistence towards a health goal can actually end up having the opposite effect if not enough recovery time is granted to your body. While there’s no cookie cutter format to how much time or rest should be taken between sessions, it comes down to if the body is sore, it clearly needs a break.


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Are You Damaging Your Muscles Without Knowing It?

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