Cross Training Tips In The Winter Months

Cross Training Tips In The Winter Months

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Cross Training Tips In The Winter Months

Addressing injuries with relative rest, ice, stretching and strengthening during the off season is a great way to fill your extra time during the winter when it is hard to get outside for longer runs.  Taking time to work on muscle imbalances, running mechanics, and cross training during the winter months will also help your keep injuries at bay.


Lack of cross training is associated with injuries.  Different bodies can withstand more running than others depending on how you are built.   Some runners need more cross training than others to decrease chance of injury.  Everyone needs some type of cross training to decrease the repetitive nature of running and winter is a great time to try something new.


Poor muscle and structure imbalances are great things to work on during the long winter months.  You may have some areas of weakness or lack of flexibility that can be addressed with exercise to decrease your likelihood of an injury or re-injury.


Working on or changing your form is also a great use of time when running in the winter.  Faulty running mechanics is associated with running related injuries.  With the use of a of video camera, a physical therapist can analyze your running and help you address faulty mechanics.  You can use this feedback to your advantage in the winter when races are a few months away.


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