Remind Yourself To Create Space

Remind Yourself To Create Space

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Remind Yourself To Create Space

Standing on the sidelines of soccer games, I frequently hear the coaches instruct the players to create space. I didn’t grow up playing soccer, but quickly learned the coaches wanted the players to create and allow room around them when they had the ball to create more options of how they could use the ball – pass, shoot, carry it.

Create space took on a new meaning, however, as I spent some time processing the idea of creating space. I began applying the concept of creating space into my own life. How easy is it to rush through our days, trying to check off the numerous items on our “to do lists”, and not have space to slow down, to process, to breathe.

As I think about the athletes that I work with, I’m amazed at how little space they have in their lives. They’re days are packed full of involvement as they lift in the mornings, attend school all day, have practice or a game, and either are attending work or another extracurricular activity (e.g. drama, musicals, etc.). While I’m excited that these kids are involved and are becoming well-rounded individuals, I also become concerned that they are going all day long with little down time and little recovery. Summers prove to be even worse as each sport has strength and conditioning activities they want the athletes involved, open gym and contact days, 1-2 leagues, weekend tournaments, and camps. I sometimes remind parents that it’s ok to allow their kids to be kids, and that they need time to be kids.

One of my favorite quotes is from Roma Downey: “There is something about (sitting down for) a cup of tea. It creates space. And there is space between stimulus and response.” How often do we miss that space between stimulus and response because we are too busy?

I recently was kayaking with a friend on a Friday evening, and commented on how amazing the colors in the sky were that evening. I sadly and slightly embarrassingly commented that maybe they are frequently like and I just hadn’t taken the time to even notice. So as you go into each day, remind yourself to create space, take a moment to take in the colors and scenery around you, and embrace the space between stimulus and response.

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