The Coldwater Challenge

The Coldwater Challenge

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The Coldwater Challenge

I did it. I was nominated, and I fell for peer pressure.

It was 36 degrees ambient temperature, with a light snow falling. Sounds like an October afternoon when I should be doing something fun like duck hunting. Nope. Instead I was standing on the banks of the mighty Lake Byllesby in Cannon Falls. I’d been called out by a friend to participate in the Coldwater Challenge. What is the Coldwater Challenge might you ask? Great question, because I didn’t know at first.

Many will claim that they started the Coldwater Challenge. Best as I can tell, there isn’t one specific beginning point. What I do understand is that the challenge is meant to benefit a charity of choice. The premise is simple. If you are nominated, or called out, you have 24 hours from the time of your nomination to jump in cold water. The person that nominates you has to do it by video, and then you get the enjoy that person’s shrieks and hollers as he/she runs or jumps into some freezing body of water and the comes back out. If you go through with the challenge, you have to pay money toward your own charity of choice. If you refuse to participate, you have to pay money toward your challengers charity.

This concept has gone viral, and truth-be-told, I was nominated 2 weeks ago by a classmate of mine. His penalty for not taking on the challenge was I would have to buy him a 12 pack of Sundrop. I texted him and offered him the pop (after telling him how nuts he is). Well, after being nominated a second time by a hunting partner of mine, I decided it was time to buck up and do it. The water was not too warm, and I lost my Crocs running in (they float).

In retrospect, I’d do it all over again. Looking forward, I’m anxious to see if my youth pastor (Wade), my brother Chris, or OSI’s one and only Mike Ripley step up to the challenge. Only time will tell.

– Jon

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