Chronic Pain: Why Do I Always Have Pain???

Chronic Pain: Why Do I Always Have Pain???

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Chronic Pain: Why Do I Always Have Pain???

There are many reasons for chronic pain.  Fibromyalgia.  Chronic regional pain syndrome (CRPS).  Post-operative pain.  Back pain.  And on and on.  Regardless of the reason, your nervous system and its sensitivity is always involved when it comes to persistent, chronic pain.

Without our ability to sense pain we wouldn’t last long.  We need to be able to tell when something is damaging our bodies and remove the stimulus causing the damage.  Without our ability to feel pain we would lose that.  But in the case of chronic pain this sensation is heightened way beyond normal.  In many people it takes a very small amount of stimulus, like a light touch, to bring on a pain response.  In those individuals everything they interact with or do brings on a constant pain.

The good news is that now there are treatment options that don’t have to include major surgery or drugs.  Education on how the brain and nervous system perceive pain can help on the road to recovery.  A qualified physical therapist in Therapeutic Neuroscience Education (TNE) can help reduce the severity of pain in many individuals and lead them towards a road of self-management to be able to return to all the things they did before pain started controlling their lives.

For more information feel free to contact myself, or one of the many other qualified OSI physical therapists.

Also, there’s an upcoming free seminar in Minneapolis on chronic pain by Adriaan Louw, a leading expert and author on pain science.  Follow the following link for more information.

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