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Running: The Pain of Re-Training

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Running: The Pain of Re-Training I consider myself a runner.  By no means am I a competitive runner, but I can recreationally run with the best of them.  Like most runners, I go through sort of an “off-season.”  There is never a time during the year where I am not running at all, but typically […]

What Do You Do If You Have Tennis Elbow?

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What Do You Do If You Have Tennis Elbow? Tennis Elbow is a common condition that rarely is caused by actually playing tennis. Lateral epicondylitis is the medical term for tennis elbow. It is usually caused by overuse of your arms with activities such as repetitive use of the computer or heavy lifting.  If you […]

How to Pick the Best Type of Running Shoe

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How to Pick the Best Type of Running Shoe We’ve seen some other posts on the OSI blog about this, but I wanted to give the readers my two cents on this topic. Although my mother would argue priorities for choosing shoes should be style and color first; fit, comfort and function come second.  The […]

4 Simple Exercises To Improve Your Balance

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4 Tips To Improve Your Balance I just posted a blog about what a PTA does at a physical therapy clinic, but today I wanted to offer some helpful tips when dealing with ‘balance’. Most of us think of poor balance as an issue only experienced by the elderly population and never consider our own […]

Lessons In Concussions From An Olympic Snowboarder Who Cracks Helmet

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Image above – via Cameron Spencer Concussions And Prevention Tips Concussions are everywhere in the news these days and the best thing you can do to manage a concussion is prevent it in the first place. After watching the Olympics I was once again reminded why prevention is so important. What do you think would have […]

[Video] 3 Great Tips For Headache Relief and Treatment

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Headache Relief: Video Explanation of Symptoms, Causes & Treatment Here’s a video interview I did with Steve Schneider, one of our OSI Physical Therapists at our Stillwater location. Steve has other videos posted for headache relief and treatment, but this one offers a little more detail to help you better understand the symptoms and treatment […]

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