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Physical Therapy Pushes You When You Feel Stuck

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(pictured above: Sara Lumby & Scott Wilkins…local hero’s) Physical Therapy Pushes You When You Feel Stuck Ok, the title is a bit cliche, but it still seems to pair well with the situation. Last Thursday I left OSI Physical Therapy in Stillwater at 3:00pm to drive back to St Paul. Those of us here in the Twin […]

Who’s Your Physical Therapist, and Treating the Whole Patient

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Choosing Your Physical Therapist Recovery When Molly Abel first started  physical therapy in the Spring of 2013 she was worried she’d never be able to run again due to her sharp right hip/groin pain.  In addition, as a nursing student she needed to be able to be mobile and get to stations quickly. A thorough […]

Physical Therapy Stillwater: Ponies Goaltender Makes Remarkable Recovery

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Physical Therapy: Stillwater Success Story When Kalley and Marah came into our life at OSI, it was quite an event. We had heard about their accident via the newspaper and on the street and were quite overwhelmed by the severity of it all. Most of us followed their status on Caring Bridge and through some […]

Leg Injury Gone Very Wrong & Nursed Back To Health

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Leg Injury At Its Worst A leg injury comes in many forms. These are the types of leg injuries an AT (Athletic Trainer) might run into. Getting ready to head into the New Year of 2014, I was thinking of goals. I know people try to set and achieve goals for the New Year, and […]

2013 OSI Leadership Team Building

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At the beginning of each year, OSI’s Leadership Team takes time to focus on strategic planning around our customer service and the future of our services under health care reform. This includes innovative services provided in an innovative way so we can meet our Triple Aim: Measureable Quality Outcomes, Exceptional Patient Experience, and Lower Cost […]

Flexible Options For Knee Arthritis Can Help Keep You Active

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Middle-aged men and women with osteoarthritis of the knee now have more options than ever before for treatments that may allow them to remain active in the sports they love, according to a review published in the July 2010 issue of of the Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (JAAOS). “The number of […]

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