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Meet The Team: Joe Wavra, PT and Clinic Manager

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A little bit about me: Speaking engagements at St. Catherine University’s PT program relating to sports medicine rehab, local golf clubs and courses discussing specific exercise and injury prevention and personal training companies speaking about injury prevention and differential diagnosis. How I spend my free time: Basketball, golf and downhill skiing. I also enjoy housework, […]

A Mother’s Day Gift Idea

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A Mother’s Day Gift Idea Alert for Mother’s Day. A new book was released called “American Wife” by Taya Kyle. Let me encourage you all to download or purchase it in honor of this woman. If you have read or seen the popular story, American Sniper, you will want to give this new book a […]

How To Tell If You Have Shin Splints

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How To Tell If You Have Shin Splints Shin splints are a general term for pain in the front of your shins, also known as medial tibial stress syndrome or anterior tibial stress syndrome. If your shins are achy, sore, and tender with activity, then you might have shin splints. Shin splints often start after […]

Secrets To No ‘Bingo Arms’ Here!

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Secrets To No ‘Bingo Arms’ Here! This is Sue 7 weeks into the work conditioning program at the Forest Lake OSI location getting stronger to sort and deliver mail. Way to go Sue! Here’s another article about Bingo Arms that’s a fun quick read. – Trixie

Does Stretching Help Most Sports Injuries Recover?

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Does Stretching Help Most Sports Injuries Recover? According to Stacy Ingram PhD from the University of Minnesota, many times we are pulling on an injured, weakened tissue that is trying to heal (remodel) when we stretch a recently injured hamstring or Achilles. Given this, think through when considering injury recovery. Current research shows that we […]

Preparing For Spring

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Preparing For Spring With spring sports just starting and the unseasonably warm weather we have been having lately (which nobody is complaining right?) I figured it’s time to remind everyone about acclimating to the weather and preseason/tryouts. It is very important whenever starting a new season, no matter when, to remember to start slow and […]

Open Dome For Baseball Players

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Open Dome For Baseball Players It’s that time of year again.  My mind is on baseball.  Of course I miss traveling down to Florida every year to get the early games in for college, but I’ll take the next weather we have here. The snow is melting fast, but still covering the ground.  For those […]

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