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A PT’s Adventure With Sand Volleyball

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A PT’s Adventure With Sand Volleyball I am very lucky to have a great group of girl friends.  Some of us have known each other since college and some of the group has been friends since high school or before.  Together we have been a group for about 17 years.  (yikes, time does fly).  Throughout […]

App of the Week – Knee Decide

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App of the Week – Knee Decide For me, the process of describing the posterior horn of the medial meniscus to someone not in physical medicine is like my high school math teacher trying to describe to me why using letters in math is a good idea. My future as a mathematician is bleak, but […]

Best Websites For DYI Projects

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Best Websites For DYI Projects Summer time is a great time to get things done around the house.  Being a new homeowner, I have to say I have very little DIY (do it yourself) capabilities, but I’m willing to learn!  From putting in a bathroom fan to installing recessed lighting, I have used these websites […]

My Second Home

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Pictures above: Being loved on by an athlete at Stillwater high school. Spending time with Linda and Roni during one of Elijah’s visits. Spending time at sports night with Sara L and an athlete. Cheering on the Pony baseball team and riding the Pony cart for the first time. My Second home  I have been out […]

Firewood And Falling Trees

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It’s a good thing I have a day off… Anyone have a free day and a free chain saw? 🙂 – Jon

School’s Out For Summer

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School’s Out For Summer The end of the school year is a fun and sometimes a hectic time of year for parents! For some of you, it’s a time to plan a Graduation party and for others to find appropriate summer daycare. Either way, you’ve got your work cut out! These days, it seems that kids like to have their time […]

Are You Tough Enough?

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Are You Tough Enough? I used to run half marathons, but started to realize I didn’t enjoy “just” running as much as other people do.  Lo and behold the advent of the obstacle course!  From shorter races such as The Color Run and The Warrior Dash, to longer ones like the Tough Mudder and The […]

Another School Year Over, Where Can You Find This ATC Over The Summer?

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Another School Year Over, Where Can You Find This ATC Over The Summer? My Summer Plans: What does an ATC do during the summer when school sports are all done? Yes the school year is over, but NO our work is not over. OSI has picked up several soccer tourney contracts that need ATC coverage. […]

The Farmer’s Market Rocks

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The Farmer’s Market Rocks I love farmer’s markets.  While some people can get lost in Macy’s or Best Buy for hours, I can get lost in farmers markets for hours. There are so many advantages to having a local farmers market They provide an opportunity for the customer to talk directly with the farmer who […]

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