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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your End-of-Year Benefits?

No longer is the time of low deductible health plans. Over the last couple of decades, the trend has gone away from the fixed co-pay, low deductible plans, to increased out of pocket expenses and high deductibles, which have placed a heavy burden on the consumer, i.e. you. While there are now programs such as […]

6 Exercises To Reduce Injuries While Nordic Skiing

6 Exercises To Reduce Injuries While Nordic Skiing

Here are 6 Exercises To Reduce Injuries While Nordic Skiing. It is that beautiful time of year in the Upper Midwest when the weather turns bitter cold and the snow comes down often indefinitely. For some this means time to never leave the house, and strictly hunker down with extra blankets, but for the brave […]

Why Are My Joints So Noisy?

Why Are My Joints So Noisy?

All too often I get the question from one of my patients; “Why does my insert any joint of the body crack when I do this?” The snap, crackle, pops of our joints; often associated with movement, can have a wide range of causes and not all of them are medical emergencies. Years of research […]

Make Physical Therapy a Part of Your Annual Exam

Make Physical Therapy a Part of Your Annual Exam

It has been the recommendation of the American Medical Association that we visit our primary care provider at least annually for a review of our health, medications, and immunizations. We follow these guidelines to stay healthy and hopefully catch preventable diseases and pathology and or treat them at an early stage and learn how to […]

A Torn Meniscus Does Not Mean You Need Surgery

A Torn Meniscus Does Not Mean You Need Surgery

We live in a society where the mentality has been, “If it’s broken, fix it!”  For many orthopedic injuries, most people seek out a good surgeon to undergo surgery for whatever happens to be torn, ripped, or bulging.  Our surgical techniques and outcomes are we have these days are superb.  However, there has been a […]

Balance – The Key to a Healthy Life

The Key to a Healthy Life

According to the CDC; “Treating fall injuries is very costly.  In 2015, costs for falls to Medicare alone totaled over $31 billion.  Because, the U.S. population is aging, both the number of falls and the costs to treat fall injuries are likely to rise. • Each year, millions of people 65 and older are treated […]

Have You Been Told You Are Pre-Diabetic? We Can Help

Have You Been Told You Are Pre-Diabetic

It has been a while since I have written about the benefits of exercise for pre-diabetes and diabetes.  I feel that, even though I have written about this topic before, it is well worth discussing again. Pre-diabetes is a condition where a person’s blood glucose is elevated and approaching the levels considered to be diabetic […]

Tips For Rescheduling Your Appointment

Happy Fall Everyone! Hope you are enjoying those beautiful colors thus far! I would like to touch base with you on the importance of rescheduling your appointment. We understand things come up such as emergencies, sickness, and work. If you are calling to cancel your appointment, please make sure you reschedule that appointment with us […]

5 Lower Body Exercises to Combat Knee Pain

In general, what I see in the clinic setting is that knee pain can come on without any specific injury. Typically if you are given a few exercises to improve your range of motion, and strengthen the proper muscles at your lower legs, hips, and core muscles, you can improve the way you stand, the […]

Drop Dead Healthy: 11 Simple Tips For A Healthier Life

Here are 11 great healthy living tips that I picked up from a book called Drop Dead Healthy. ( really there is proof for many that they work )   1) Practice Chewdaism . Hard -core chewers recommend 50 chews per mouthful . Strive for 15-20. 2) Turn off The TV . Studies show that […]