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11 Ergonomic Tips For Computer Use With Sit/Stand Workstations

With increasing use of alternating Sit/Stand workstations being used in the workplace, I am frequently asked about tips for how to set up the workstation correctly.  Here you go! 11 Ergonomic Tips For Computer Use With Sit/Stand Workstations   1. Movement Working tissues of the body benefit from 1-2 minutes of active movement every 30 minutes, regardless of sitting or standing […]

Nice Patient Feedback For My Stillwater Team

Hi all… On a daily basis we receive wonderful feedback from our patients. There’s nothing more satisfying to our team at OSI than helping our patients become healthy and pain free. We want to see you get back to doing your daily activities. Below is an example of the OSI Stillwater staff hitting a home run with one […]

The 9 Helpful Ergonomic Tips For Working On A Laptop

working on a laptop

The 9 Helpful Ergonomic Tips For Working On A Laptop   #1 Docking Station Consider setting up a laptop docking station including use of a commercial laptop riser or reams of paper/telephone books on a table/desktop to allow optimal monitor height for neutral neck positioning. Keep monitor viewing distance approx. 14-20” away.   #2 External Keyboard […]

2015 Workers’ Compensation Summit: Keeping Minnesota Safe and Healthy


Tomorrow I’ll be at the 2015 Workers’ Compensation Summit at Cragun’s. The theme “Keeping Minnesota Safe and Healthy” is essentially two plus days of sessions and workshops focusing on issues affecting the workers’ compensation system and ways to improve processes and services that affect employers and injured workers. If you’re attending this event be sure to stop […]

3M Healthy Living Fitness Fair 2015


 3M Healthy Living Fitness Fair 2015 Last week we attended the annual 3M Healthy Living Fitness Fair. We’ve been attending this event for several years and OSI has always considered this a great experience. Along with several other companies offering health related services at this event, we set up our tables to help educate the […]

Pop Quiz: What Is An Occupational Therapist?

Pop Quiz: What Is An Occupational Therapist? People ask me “What do you do at OSI as an Occupational therapist?“ I tell people I help people with Work Injury Management; helping injured workers bridge the gap between their course of PT/OT and return to work. “How do you do that?“ We see people who have […]

Ergonomic Office Station Set Up Tips

Ergonomic Office Station Set Up Tips   Elbow Pain with Mouse Use One of my most frequent referrals when completing Ergonomic Office Assessments comes from computer users with complaints of elbow pain. Often the user has point tenderness at the bone on the outer aspect of the elbow (lateral epicondyle), generally worse with progressive standard […]

Thank You And Happy Occupational Therapy Month

(Image above via aota) I would like to send a note of appreciation to my fellow Occupational Therapists here at OSI for the wonderful things you do for the patients you serve in Hand Therapy and OccHealth including Jody Ruppert, Kari Paulson, Wendy Camp, and Sara Lumby. Happy Occupational Therapy Month! – Lisa