6 Tips for Preventing a Gardening Injury


Do you love spring because you can get outside and garden? If you’re starting to get back into your gardening routine, there are some things you should consider implementing to prevent injury. You might be thinking, “How do you get an injury from gardening”? Well, just think of all the things that you do while […]

Injury Preventing Sitting Positions for Video Gamers


Does your ultimate form of relaxation (or fun) come in the form of video games? Believe it or not, playing video games is actually linked to some health issues, especially if you are playing for long periods of time. One of the most common conditions linked to playing video games is back pain. If you […]

Golf Warm Up Tips To Prevent Back Pain

Golf Warm Up Tips To Prevent Back Pain Don’t let back pain prevent you from hitting the links this summer. It doesn’t take much to make it an enjoyable and injury free summer for golf (if it ever comes).   1. Warm up before playing First, start with stretching the shoulders, torso, and hips as well […]

Prevention Is The Easiest Way To Stay On The Field

Prevention Is The Easiest Way To Stay On The Field There may still be a lot of snow on the ground here in Minnesota but spring is really just around the corner and that means baseball! Prevention is the easiest way to stay on the field, especially for those little league pitchers. 1) -Proper Mechanics! […]

Lessons In Concussions From An Olympic Snowboarder Who Cracks Helmet

Image above – via Cameron Spencer Concussions And Prevention Tips Concussions are everywhere in the news these days and the best thing you can do to manage a concussion is prevent it in the first place. After watching the Olympics I was once again reminded why prevention is so important. What do you think would have […]

What Exactly Is An Athletic Trainer?

What exactly is an Athletic Trainer? No we do not “train” athletes in the weight room to get them ready for play; although we could set up a program for athletes of all ages, for multiple purposes ranging from injury rehab, to strength training. Our title should actually be more like “Athletic Injury Health Provider“, […]

7 Essential Tips for Injury Prevention

7 Essential Tips for Injury Prevention Whether you are an avid sports or recreational enthusiast, or someone struggling to make it through a work day, the thought of injury prevention should be important to maintain your balance of function with the things you love, want, or need to do in any given day.  Keep in […]