OSI Total Care Program

OSI is excited to announce the launch of OSI Total Care! You can be a part of this outstanding program we will be offering to all our amazing past, present and future clients starting January 31st. OSI Total Care is a comprehensive, goal-oriented wellness program that will include individualized exercise programming, monthly 1:1 visits with […]

Exercise 101: A Beginners Guide to Fitness


Physical activity is important for a healthy lifestyle and no matter what your age, your body needs exercise. Healthy activity can have many benefits: improving weight, strength, energy, mood, and even balance. It could also help prevent or possibly delay certain illnesses like heart disease, certain cancers, osteoporosis, and diabetes. It can be difficult to […]

This is Why Daily Stretching is Important


Athletes use stretching to stay on top of their game and prevent injuries, but it shouldn’t be reserved for just the professionals. Daily stretching can be helpful for everyone. Not only does it improve your flexibility over time, but it can help protect your mobility. Stretching keeps your muscles healthy and strong so your joints […]

Quick Exercises You Can Do at Home


Do you often find yourself with a little extra time before going to work? Or some down time leading up to dinner? You could spend this time sitting around getting some extra rest, or you do something both convenient and quick while also remaining healthy for your body in the long run: a short exercise. […]

5 Tips for Using a Fitness Tracker


Fitness trackers are all the rage, but unfortunately just wearing a tracker doesn’t help you create a healthier lifestyle. They do their best work when you use them correctly, but how exactly does that work? It can’t be that hard, right? Get Your Benchmark Data First You might be surprised at where you’ll start off […]

Why I Hired A Personal Trainer…And You Should Too!

Staying healthy spiritually, mentally, physically and also nutritionally is really important as I am building into a stronger version of myself.  I practice my faith through studying with teachers.  I read and debate understandings to strengthen myself mentally. I also like to stay fit and that is where I feel it is important to have […]

5 Tips To Overcome Gym-timidation

5 Tips To Overcome Gym-timidation

Grunting, sweating, throwing weights: this is often what people think of when they think of going to the gym. This can lead to GYM INTIMIDATION. In my practice as a physical therapist, our goal is to not only get you back to your “normal” level of activity, but we love it when we can help […]

4 Best At Home Workout Tips You Need To Know Right Now

Best At Home Workout Tips

Working out at home is a great way to get in some exercise!  There isn’t always time to go the gym and sometimes it is super costly to go to a specific class.  Here are my favorite ways to get in some exercise at home which are free and convenient! 1.     DoYogaWithMe.com For all you […]

A Roadmap: Great Tips For Losing Weight

A Roadmap: Great Tips For Losing Weight   Quick Fix? As a doctor of pharmacy and certified personal trainer for The Training Room in Somerset, I get asked health-related questions all the time.  One of the most popular questions as well as requests I get is “How Do I/Help Me Lose this Weight?!” I am all about being real.  […]

8 Tips To Stay Safe Exercising Outside In The Summer

8 Tips To Stay Safe Exercising Outside In The Summer The temperatures are climbing, that means you need to stay safe when you are exercising outside. Here are some tips to help you stay safe and cool while staying in shape this summer. Drink a lot of Water – All throughout the day AND while […]