What Is A Dynamic Warm Up And How Do You Do One?

What Is A Dynamic Warm Up And How Do You Do One? We have written other blog posts about dynamic warm ups and stretches at OSI Physical Therapy, but I wanted to cover some more on this topic. A dynamic warm-up is essential to prevent injuries to your body and prepare it for activity.  The […]

Athletic Trainers: The Heart Of The Operation

Athletic Trainers: The Heart Of The Operation In case you haven’t noticed by all of the posts and pictures the month of March was Athletic Training month! The theme this year by the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA) is We’ve Got Your Back! Previously my wonderful, smart, and talented colleagues have highlighted what an athletic […]

What Makes Athletic Training Different Than Physical Therapy?

What Makes Athletic Training Different Than Physical Therapy? Hello everyone! Liz Gerdin here, the athletic trainer at North High School. Recently we have had a ton of awesome blog posts with great advice and interesting information. In honor of National Athletic Training Month, I thought you all would love a picture of what makes athletic […]

Advocates For Injured Athletes

Advocates For Injured Athletes If you have been following OSI on Facebook, you may have seen us mention to “follow” Advocates for Injured Athletes.  This is a non-profit organization which strives for helping keep athletes safe by providing support, education and resources to increase sports safety. Above is a video about a boy named Tommy.  […]

Tips on How to Tape an Ankle #1 (Proper way) – Physical Therapy 101

These are Critical Tips on How to Tape an Ankle Have an athlete in your life that you need to tape?  Here are some “How To” videos on how to tape for some common injuries. We will also be showing some K-Tape techniques and explain “what exactly this magic tape does”. Ankle: Athletic Tape for Stability: There […]

The CrAzy, Busy Life Of An Athletic Trainer In Winter Months

An Athletic Trainers Winter Schedule As the winter sports seasons are starting to wind down, it gets me thinking about how crazy and busy a high school Athletic Trainer’s life is for the past 4 months during the winter.  When I look back I kind of think: “wow, that went fast”. Which at the beginning of […]

Fast Facts about Athletic Trainers

Fast Facts about Athletic Trainers 1. What is an Athletic Trainer? You may have seen an athletic trainer at a sporting event without even realizing it.  No we don’t just tape and hand out ice to athletes.  So what exactly is an athletic trainer?  We are health care professionals that collaborate with physicians, physical therapists […]

Can You Spot The Athletic Trainer In This Picture? (There are 3)

5 Tips To Spot An Athletic Trainer On A Field Can you spot the THREE athletic trainers in the picture above? Are you an injured athlete?  Are you a parent of an injured athlete? Do you need a band aid, AED, chapstik, gauze, contact solution, CPR mask, tape, nose plug, or a scissor? Do you […]

Meet The Team: Athletic Trainer Staff Elizabeth Gerdin

Meet Athletic Trainer Elizabeth Gerdin Now and then we like to highlight the amazing people we have working here at OSI Physical Therapy. There are a lot people who work very hard to get all our patients back on their feet and healthy again living normal lives. Today we’d like to feature one of our athletic […]

5 Tips For Returning To Training After An Injury

5 Tips For Returning To Training After An Injury Everyone will be different when returning from an injury.  Here are a few tips to follow to make sure you make a safe return and decrease your chances of being re-injured. 1) Cleared If you were seeing a health care professional such as a PT or […]