8 Fun Date Ideas for a Healthy Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is almost here! Do you have plans yet? You might be stocking up on candy, chocolate or planning a fancy dinner out with your loved one. While these are common ways to celebrate on February 14th, it can be very easy to overindulge in the sweet spirit of love. If you want to […]

Staying Happy and Healthy Through the Holidays


The bustling malls. The present wrapping. The festive parties. The family visits. This time of year is meant to be a time of reflection and enjoyment. But for many, they become a blur of stress and diet-breaking events. So we put together these tips to help you avoid being a Grinch, and instead stay healthy, […]

Happy New Year From OSI

On behalf of every one of the dedicated and talented OSI team members who served you in 2014, we want to wish you and your families a very Happy New Year!  We truly hope your 2015 is filled with joy, successes, and healthy activities that you love to do.  OSI clinics and The Training Room […]

A Holiday Wish

A Holiday Wish For most of us during this holiday season we are fortunate enough to be surrounded by loved ones and friends. We are also fortunate enough to have jobs to help us afford food on the table, clothes on our back, and a roof over our head. If we are lucky we also […]

The Stillwater Sweater Contest

Every year our Stillwater location hosts a sweater contest. Any thoughts on who this year’s winner should be? – Linda    

The Holidays Are A Great Time For Potlucks & Games

The holidays are a great time to let off a little steam, have a few laughs, and get to know your colleagues just a little better in a less stressful environment for a short period of time. At OSI this is no different. Each of the clinics is having their own Xmas party’s, as does our […]

Oh Yes! It’s Halloween On Friday!

Oh yes! It’s Halloween on Friday! The kiddos are all geared up and anxious for one of their favorite nights of the year! How fun it is to decorate our front yards like a cemeteries and scare the bejeebers out of small children at our doors! Seriously though, we try as much as we can throughout the year to limit their sugar intake but on this one night of […]

Let’s See Your Pumpkin Carving Skills

“We are always the same age inside. ” ― Gertrude Stein The other day my kids asked my wife and I to get some pumpkins to carve for Halloween. In years past we didn’t do this because we always drove out of the city on Halloween to visit my sister and her kids to bring our kids […]