The 35th Annual Willow River Run

(Image above via New Richmond Running Club) The 35th Annual Willow River Run OSI will be present at the Willow River Run on July 12, 2014.  Look for us at the booth with Westfields Hospital and Clinic as our sports medicine team will be there to answer any of your questions and have some fun […]

Next Step For Health

Next Step For Health OSI Physical Therapy and The Training Room in Somerset have developed a program for our patients to transfer from physical therapy to our fitness center.  This program is called Next Step for Health and is designed to address the entire body and health of our patients after they have been in […]

What Is Shoulder Impingement And Could You Have It?

What Is Shoulder Impingement And Could You Have It? Do you have pain when you reach overhead or out to the side?  If so, you might have something called shoulder impingement.  This occurs when the rotator cuff tendon (supraspinatus tendon), the bicep tendon, or the subacromial bursa in the shoulder gets pinched between the arm […]

Dizziness Is Frustrating, Here’s What You Can Do About It

Dizziness Is Frustrating, Here’s What You Can Do About It Dizziness is a frustrating problem and can often impact your daily activities.  There can be many causes of dizziness including medications, high or low blood pressure, ear problems, and dizziness from neck problems.   Another common cause of dizziness comes from something called BPPV, which stands […]

Ankle Sprain Treatment Options & Tips

Ankle Sprain Treatment Options Ankle sprains are a very common injury for athletes and non-athletes.  An ankle sprain most commonly occurs when the foot rolls inward and stretches the ligaments on the lateral (outside) aspect of the ankle.  The severity of the injury depends on the amount of force put on the ankle ligaments during […]

Aquatic Therapy, What is it?

Aquatic Therapy, What is it? Aquatic Therapy (pool exercise) is a great way to get exercise with less stress on your spine and joints.  Pool therapy is utilized by therapists frequently for rehab of spine (especially low back and mid back) injuries or surgeries.  Pool therapy is also very beneficial with hip and knee problems […]

Been Told That You’re Pre-diabetic By Your Physician?

Been told that you are pre-diabetic by your physician?   Did you know that physical therapy can help get you on the right track to being non pre-diabetic? In order to become non-prediabetic and decrease blood sugar levels, you need to lose weight and reduce body fat percent.  This has a significant effect on blood sugars and even […]

What Do You Do If You Have Tennis Elbow?

What Do You Do If You Have Tennis Elbow? Tennis Elbow is a common condition that rarely is caused by actually playing tennis. Lateral epicondylitis is the medical term for tennis elbow. It is usually caused by overuse of your arms with activities such as repetitive use of the computer or heavy lifting.  If you […]

Hand Injury Treatment Through Physical Therapy Restores Functionality

Hand Injury Treatment Whether you have had surgery on your hand or have developed pain due to tendonitis, working at a computer, or other injuries, physical therapy for your hand condition is extremely important for getting full function back in your hand.  It is important to get the proper advice and exercises for regaining full […]

OSI Physical Therapist Wins U of M Clinical Instructor of the Year Award

I’ve been working as a clinic manager and  physical therapist for years, but I have also been a clinical instructor for PT students since 1992. I  always enjoy having students and preparing them for independent practice in orthopedic physical therapy.  Last spring, my student, Sydney Scott, from the University of Minnesota, nominated me for the […]