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It’s finally spring according to the calendar! But living in MN we know we can’t always rely
on that! The warm sunshine and longer days mean we can emerge from our winter hibernation,
spend more time outside and enjoy the warmer weather. Do you want to get outside and enjoy
the weather but aren’t sure how? Here are some tips to get outside and soak up the vitamin D.

Go for a walk
Explore your neighborhood and wave hello to your neighbors you haven’t seen since before
Christmas. You might find a hidden gem you didn’t know was in your neighborhood!

Explore a State Park
Did you know there are over 60 state parks in MN. Check out one or many that sparks your interest here

Yard work
Yard work is physically demanding, as it activates muscles throughout your entire body, and
you get the satisfaction of cleaning up the yard that has been hidden by snow for too long.
Raking can burn up to 400 calories per hour. Make sure to stretch prior to completing yard work.
Here’s a previous blog post from 2016 with great tips on how to avoid injuries while spring planting
and doing yard work :

Play a round of golf
Golf is great workout, especially if you walk the course instead of using a cart. You get your
steps and a full body body workout with swinging a club. Some courses can be expensive, but
there are usually less expensive city owned/community courses that can introduce you to the sport.

Play a round of frisbee golf
Frisbee golf requires less equipment than regular golf. Courses can be found at city parks. There are
a few more elite courses that might have a small entrance fee, but most course are totally free.
The only equipment required is a frisbee and can be found at sporting good stores or even Walmart
or Target for less than $10 a piece!

What is your favorite outdoor spring activity? Share in the comments below!
As always, if injuries occur during your favorite activity, or pain is preventing you from completing your
favorite spring activity, give us a call at 651-275-4706 to schedule your FREE consultation

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