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When we can get back outside….forget the beach; I’d rather be walking up a mountain!

If there is one thing I am truly excited for (after the world gets back to our closest normal), it will be traveling out west to Colorado. Although I’ve only been three times in my thirty years, and I consider myself a “real Minnesotan,” who loves, and utilizes our 10,000 lakes, the view from 8,500 is something one could fall in love with, instantly. Like I did. I remember hiking Rocky Mountain National Park Spring 2019, with my two best friends from high school- we experienced all four seasons in six hours; We got out of our car to Summer in Estes Park. Hikers travel 4,000 feet in a matter of minutes on our chosen trail, and within minutes, it was Autumn, and we were already adding layers from our backpacks. By the time we got to our destination, Ouzel Falls, there were two inches of snow on the ground. Just another fun photo op for some Minnesotan ladies. After selfies with frozen waterfalls, and having Pizza Lunchables as our re-fuel at 8,500 feet Elevation, a person can feel extremely accomplished. You see the tree line, and no end. You look around you and see the natural “architecture,” caves, and rock formations that the elements have carved throughout the years. You realize nature is beautiful; and nature is really scary too. (You learn that the hard way taking a closed road due to blizzard conditions and spin out at 12,000 feet). The sun always seems brighter, water clearer, and the Air always tastes better in the Mountains. At the end of the windy roads, and our day hiking trip, the main road was as green as the first day of spring; multiple herds of Elk greeting vehicles at the end of the road, unimpressed as vehicles pass by. I think they’ve become to realize us humans are in more “awww” of them then they are of us. Most wild animals in RMNP seem to be that way. (I had a chipmunk crawl into my hands like I was Snow White). Oh, and hot springs? Highly recommend. The Best. Way more relaxing than trying to get comfortable on a beach. Colorado doesn’t have a big cabin market; they’re land locked. Growing up on Lakes is really hard to give up; that’s the reason why Colorado hasn’t gained me as a resident yet. I’m a person that can truly relax when they finally feel “accomplished;” That’s exactly why I’d rather be on a Mountain than on an overcrowded beach, any given vacation.

Written by:
Kayla Fearing, CSS

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