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First and foremost, we hope that you and your families are safe and healthy! OSI cares deeply about all of our patients and we would like to announce an exciting new means of delivering care for our patients. As of April 6th, we will be offering telehealth services to our patients, both current and new! This opportunity will allow our physical and occupational therapy care teams to remain in contact with our current patients to continue their rehab journey as well as establish new relationships to serve our communities!  This allows therapists to assess your progress, prescribe AWESOME evidence-based exercises, provide resources for how to stay healthy at home and provide education on any related topics to the issue you are facing.

What do you need? 

All that you will need is yourself and a computer or other device that has video and audio capability. Most computers and smart phones will work just fine! Some people will have their spouse or family member assist them during their telehealth visit for optimal positioning of the camera.

What are some tips to allow for the best telehealth visit?

  1. Wear workout clothing – your therapist will be running you through various movements and restrictive clothing can impede their assessment.
  2. Have good lighting (generally front lighting is best).
  3. Test your internet ahead of time – make sure you are getting a strong WIFI connection wherever you plan on doing your visit from.
  4. Wear headphones with a microphone if able (preferably wireless) – you may have to disconnect them if you are using corded headphones once you are up and moving around but the sound quality/clarity tends to be better with headphones.
  5. Test your camera field of view ahead of time – make sure you have enough room to walk around, stand up and move!
  6. Gather equipment ahead of time – if you have an exercise ball, yoga mat, weights or bands please dig them out ahead of time as you might use them.

How do I start my first telehealth visit? 

Your therapist will initiate the telehealth visit by sending you a brief email with instructions on how to use our communication platform. It is very easy and simple to follow. Essentially all that is required of you will be to go to a specific website and enter your name. From there you will be placed into a virtual “waiting room” where your provider will then pull you into a virtual “treatment room.”

What can I expect from my telehealth visit?

Telehealth visits are very much like a regular office visit. Your therapist will begin by asking you how you are doing, collect pertinent information regarding your condition and assess how you are doing by running you through various movements (standing, walking, squatting, balancing), range of motion tests and strength tests that you can perform at home. Once they are done testing and determine what the best plan will be for you, they will begin your treatment by offering education/advice, home modification solutions, strengthening exercises, self-stretching or partner stretching that can all be performed at home with whatever equipment you have!

Will my insurance cover this? 

The short answer is, YES! Due to the recent circumstances regarding COVID-19 and patient care precautions most commercial insurance plans, and now Medicare are covering telehealth as a service. However, OSI will verify with your insurance ahead of time to make sure this is a covered under your plan.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule your telehealth appointment with one of our providers TODAY please call: (651) 275-4706

Thank you and STAY HEALTHY! We will all get through this TOGETHER!

Written by:
Greg Bailen, PT

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