Can Compression Tights Make an Impact on Your Workout?

Can Compression Tights Make an Impact on Your Workout?

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It’s no secret that what you wear when you are being active has a direct impact on your performance. These effects can come in a wide variety of forms. When you wear clothing that is light and airy, it helps keep you cool and provides more ventilation. When you war sweat-wicking fabric, you stay drier during intense activity or workouts. Another example is when you wear anything that is tighter it provides less resistance and friction points. So when it comes to choosing what to wear for activities like your morning workout, physical therapy appointment, or even a hike outdoors, what you choose to wear is going to make an impact on your experience and performance.

Studies have been conducted to better understand the effectiveness of tight clothing — specifically compression tights. It’s a common belief that compression tights restrict vibration within your muscles when working out, achieving less resistance. However, although this is correct, researchers have also discovered that they do not exactly help in one key area that you might originally believed or had been told.

They Don’t Help Muscle Fatigue

A major factor in activities like gym workouts or physical therapy is muscle fatigue. If your muscles simply aren’t strong enough to go on and they lack endurance, that is where your activity caps out. This is where compression tights fail to make a difference, as the lack of muscle vibration does not have a direct correlation with lessening muscle fatigue.

In a study conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine, those that wore compression tights experienced fatigue during a workout at the same rate as those that did not wear the choice of clothes. As it turns out, reduced vibration does not have an impact on muscle efficiency against fatigue.

Always Focus on Comfort

However, even with this being the case, an argument for wearing compression tights can still be made simply on the basis of comfort. Many runners and athletes express that they are basically more comfortable moving around with compression tights rather than without them, and thus the activity feels more enjoyable. This is important within the space of physical therapy as well, as compression tights restrict excess movement that may somehow cause additional injury, all while keeping the patient content.


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Can Compression Tights Make an Impact on Your Workout?

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