3 Tips for Parents Who Have Trouble Making Time for Working Out

3 Tips for Parents Who Have Trouble Making Time for Working Out

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Life is full of schedules, and if you have kids, you know all too well just how crazy-busy life can feel. Ask any parent, old or new, and they would most likely tell you that they don’t even know how to find time to think throughout the day, let alone steal time for a workout or home exercise routine. While kids are the best, and we want the best for them… that sometimes means we don’t get to give ourselves the best. But fitness, health and wellness really do need to be a priority for everyone –– parent’s included!

It may seem impossible, but it really is achievable. There is still hope for exercise after having children, and it starts with some careful and efficient use of time, motivation and opportunity.

1. Schedule it out

The first step to squeezing time in for something is putting your foot down and setting a plan for it. Whether it be a chunk of time each day or as small as setting a day per week to try and get something done, scheduling it sets it into your mind as a responsibility for your self and a duty to your body. Set reminders about the time or day, and keep those on repeat so that you never quite lose sight of them.

2. Mix It In

If you don’t think you’ll be able to find designated time for a workout, try working it into your daily activities or responsibilities. For example, go on walks while on breaks at the office, or do squats while managing the home. As long as your body is exerting some type of physical energy, it will be reaping some kind of pay off from exercise.

3. Plan Around The Kids

It may seem obvious, but simply waking up earlier than you usually do to take care of the kids or family may open up the possibility of a morning routine. This could often be healthier on the body anyway, and it will allow you the isolated relaxation time that you may relish as a parent.

We’re going to leave you with one last bonus tip… If all else fails, remind yourself that your working out, or finishing your home exercises or even just grabbing some time for mental wellness, it’s all for your kids, too. Healthy parents set a great example for their children. If you make your health a priority, your kids will see that and know that it is an important aspect of their lives, too. Not to mention, you’ll definitely want to be around long enough to see our kids grow up, and health plays a major role in that!

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