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Here are 11 great healthy living tips that I picked up from a book called Drop Dead Healthy.

( really there is proof for many that they work )


1) Practice Chewdaism . Hard -core chewers recommend 50 chews per mouthful . Strive for 15-20.

2) Turn off The TV . Studies show that we eat up to 71 % more if we are watching TV.

3) Put the fork down between bites.

4) Eat with a smaller kids plate.

5) Use a tiny fork to eat or better yet eat with chop sticks .

6) Write a check to some terrible group that you would never support. Then make a deal with yourself or a friend . If you eat another Oreo , you will have to send that check off.

7) Consume an apple , a bowl of soup with cayenne pepper , two glasses of water , or A handful of nuts . They all suppress the appetite.

8) Outsource your worries . Find someone to trade worries with.

9) Get a cat or a dog because they lower stress.

10) Put the serenity prayer to work .

11) And finally don’t drink too much. Studies published in Freakanomics actually show that people die 4x more frequently when walking drunk than driving drunk . So avoid both for the obvious reason.


That’s it. I’d love to hear your tips and ideas for living a healthier life. Thanks for reading.


– Rachel


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Drop Dead Healthy: 11 Simple Tips For A Healthier Life

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