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Working out at home is a great way to get in some exercise!  There isn’t always time to go the gym and sometimes it is super costly to go to a specific class.  Here are my favorite ways to get in some exercise at home which are free and convenient!


For all you yogi’s out there, this is a great website where you can see full length yoga videos.  You can search by length of time, difficulty, body part, or teacher.  There are 5 minute classes all the way up to over an hour classes.  Grab your mat and give it a try!

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Kelli and Daniel offer over 500 full length workouts.  No equipment, just Hand weights, only have 5 minutes, just want to work upper body?  They have it all.  One super nice aspect is they have a timer that counts down different segments of the exercise, so if you are doing a really hard exercise, you can say “well there is only 25 seconds left.”  It’s a nice motivator. Super easy to use website, the hardest part will be determining which workout you want to do!

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3.     BeFIT on

OK, I know you have all been on YouTube watching cat videos, but have you ever searched BeFIT?  They are a YouTube channel that has a bunch of full length workouts from various trainers, from Jillian Michaels all the way to Jane Fonda.  If you’re looking to switch your exercise up daily, head over here you’re bound to find something fun to do!

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4.     Go Outside!

Play on the playground.  Go for a run or walk.  Garden. Play catch.  It’s always there and costs nothing!  So lace up those kicks and get outside!


– Kaitlen G


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