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(Story and Video Via Channel 3000 Wisc TV News 3)

UW Health Sport Specialization Study Preliminary Findings

New Richmond High School has been participating in a research study regarding sports specialization and lower extremity injury conducted by Tim McGuine,PhD, ATC, and UW Health in Madison, WI.

While the data collection process is a large time commitment, the results are proving to be beneficial. The study currently has more than 1050 high school student-athletes enrolled. Participants complete a survey to identify sport specialization vs. multi-sport athletes, as well as, previous lower extremity injuries.

McGuine recently released that preliminary results based on previous injuries related to sport specialization showed a 2-3x higher risk of lower extremity injury in a specialized high school athlete. McGuine discusses more of the current status of the study in this video clip. 

As he notes, the study is currently about ⅔ of the way through the data collection process. McGuine is realistic and honest when he states that he is not trying to ban anything, but wants parents to be aware of the increased risks associated with specializing.

– Steph



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