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JOB DESCRIPTION –  Athletic Trainer (ATC/R)


Company:                                        OSI Physical Therapy

Job Title:                                          Athletic Trainer (ATC/R)

Areas of Responsibility:         

  1. Cover practice and game events as defined by OSI administration and athletic director and coaches. 
  2. Provide support tasks for clinicians in Clinic.

Reports To:                                     Clinic Manager, Athletic Training Services Coordinator


Summary: The Registered Athletic Trainer (ATC/R) will have the primary responsibilities of providing athletic training services to athletic teams as agreed upon by the Activity Director/coaches and OSI Administration. The ATC/R may also be required to provide support to the clinicians at one of OSI’s clinic locations. They will be tasks to help clinicians manage a full patient load while maintaining consistent communication with patients, referral sources, and others.


Essential Job Functions:

1) Return phone calls to MDs and other medical providers, patients, patient family members, and others as needed

2) Take calls and messages for clinicians

3) Bring/convey messages/information to MD’s and their support staff

4) Review and update OSI protocol book

5) Organize patient exercise protocols and handouts

6) Other duties may be assigned to assist with efficiency, quality, or effectiveness athletic training operations.

7) Communicate effectively with all internal and external contacts.

8) Supportive of the goals and objectives of Orthopaedic Sports, Inc. Handles information with discretion and maintains confidentiality.

Critical Job Requirements


Marginal Job Functions:




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