My Top 5 Tips for High School Seniors

I received a quite a few pieces of advice before I went to college.  Here are 5 pieces of advice which I received that I thought were great and I hope they are useful to the class of 2015.
1) There is a lot of stuff in the world you don’t know anything about.  Keep an open mind.
2) Say “yes” to all invites to go eat in the cafeteria or do the silly orientation games, you just might meet your new best friend.
3) Keep your dorm room door open.  It’s a lot more inviting and people will stop by just to chat.
4) You will have more free time than you ever have had.  Do something besides sit around, play video games, and watch movies.  Do an activity, explore campus and the town you are in.
5) Get a job!  You’re out of the house now.  Now is the time! Get a job so you are gaining experience in the workforce.  When you go to apply for a job after college, you will have something to write on your resume, at the very least.  Remember, not so great jobs, make great stories!Go Titans!
– Kaitlen,
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