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3M Healthy Living Fitness Fair Pano shot - 3M Healthy Living Fitness Fair 2015

 3M Healthy Living Fitness Fair 2015

Last week we attended the annual 3M Healthy Living Fitness Fair. We’ve been attending this event for several years and OSI has always considered this a great experience.

Along with several other companies offering health related services at this event, we set up our tables to help educate the 3M staff what we do here at OSI. We are fortunate to have a clinic located onsite at the 3M campus.

Some of the other vendors at the event included a professional hula-hooper, a springing exercise shoe vendor, and an exercise stilts company.

Nate - 3M Healthy Living Fitness Fair

OSI offered the visitors a chance to take a grip strength test to see how their hand/arm strength stacked up against average standards. In addition to some literature and great free advice from 4 of our physical therapists, we also had a prize spin wheel to give out some of the highly coveted OSI swag! 😉

It was a record breaking year for attendance as we saw over 1300 people come through. Heather and the crew from 3M did an outstanding job organizing this event. It was a great conference and we look forward to next year.

– TJ

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