Oh yes! It’s Halloween on Friday!

Trick_Or_Treat-booThe kiddos are all geared up and anxious for one of their favorite nights of the year! How fun it is to decorate our front yards like a cemeteries and scare the bejeebers out of small children at our doors!

Seriously though, we try as much as we can throughout the year to limit their sugar intake but on this one night of the year we hope they get a load of it!  We allow them to eat their fill and whether you admit or not, we adults look through those bags for our favorites as well!

I remember my kids dumping out their bag and running out the door again to refill it!  They got smarter as they grew older and started out with a pillow case and would be dragging it behind them by the time they came home exhausted. Then, when I knew they were sound asleep, I’d dig through it and hide my favorites.

Those were the days when you could send your kids out in your own neighborhood without worry. Now parents and Grandparents stick to their kids like glue and check every piece of candy for anything that looks suspicious before the candy is released.


Well, relax and enjoy the time with your children. They grow up so fast. Before your know it, they’ll be taking their kids out and you’ll be the Grandma handing out the candy!!

– Roni

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