Your Team In Emergency Care

There is no I in team” is one of the most common phrases I’ve heard in athletics for years. The same statement applies to the sports medicine healthcare providers working with the athletes. We truly provide the best care and services when we work together as a team. The New Richmond Area Ambulance Service met this week with the athletic trainer (myself) and physician (Joe Dietzler, MD, from Westfields) typically covering New Richmond High School’s football games.

Laying down - Your Team In Emergency CareOur goal in meeting was to review emergency care for the athletes. By the end of our meeting, I feel we covered more than we expected and answered questions we may not have known we had. We had a great opportunity to review protocols for injury management for each group. For instance, athletic trainers are taught to never remove a helmet in a possible head or neck injury, but always remove facemasks, while the ambulance staff has methods for stabilizing cervical spine to remove a helmet. We were able to talk about our rationales for each protocol and have understanding prior to an injury on-field.

We also worked with protective equipment for football (e.g. helmet and pads). Having equipment available allowed us to demonstrate the process for removing facemasks, to determine the best way to cut off shoulder pads both on-field and in the emergency department, and challenges protective equipment can create.

Helmet - Your Team In Emergency Care

By meeting, we had the opportunity to talk about the consent forms parents and athletes sign, to share a copy of the form with ambulance service, and look for ways to improve consent to treat for all emergency personnel.

Overall, I think I can confidently say we had a great meeting and strengthened the relationships between the healthcare providers potentially working with the athletes in our community. The cohesiveness of our team continues to grow, as does excitement for our upcoming sports seasons.

A special thank you to Matt Melby for helping arrange our meeting time, and to Chris Albee and Travis Moon for their time with us!

– Steph


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