Best Websites For DYI Projects

Best Websites For DYI Projects

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Best Websites For DYI Projects

Summer time is a great time to get things done around the house.  Being a new homeowner, I have to say I have very little DIY (do it yourself) capabilities, but I’m willing to learn!  From putting in a bathroom fan to installing recessed lighting, I have used these websites to learn the ins and outs of home repair and maintenance.

Although there have been times where I have given up and called a professional, I still like to try to do it myself first. Just to convince you that you should DIY some of your home projects here are a few reasons, I use to remind myself;

                  Saves money

                  You learn something

                  If you plan ahead, it’s usually not too bad!

                  Personal Satisfaction (even if you do end up calling a professional, you can at least say you tried!)

                  You can custom make everything just how you like it


Here are my top websites to help me DIY home projects


This site is amazing.  You can find everything from building tables to kitchen cabinets on here.  Not only that, but if you find something you like, it has exactly what you will need to pick up from the hardware store. Then what you need to cut at exact measurements AND step by step instructions to build your project (i.e this table).


2) Youtube

I am less than stellar at most home repairs, but you can usually find some good Youtube videos which have step-by-step instructions.  Last fall I did this to learn how to fix a leaky faucet.


3) This Old House

Every Saturday night as a child we would eat pizza and watch “home shows.”  I vividly remember being bored out of my mind.  Turns out it was a great learning experience and probably fostered my interest in trying to DIY some home projects.  This Old House has a website with great How To’s on everything from installing trim and replacing a toilet, to painting and ceiling fan installation.


4) DIY Network

I don’t have cable, so this website has been one of my go to websites for videos.  Anything from designing a small bathroom to making burlap runners for my wedding, they have it all.  It is a great start to find some general answers and how-to tutorials.



5) Pinterest

You may find some good tutorials on this website, but honestly I use it more to get great ideas.  If you are looking for living room designs or a how to organize an awkward closet space and you need some ideas you will find it on Pinterest.  This site helps me visualize and set a goal for how things will look when they are all done.  (Also I use it as an encyclopedia for recipes)


What home projects do you have lined up for this summer?

Happy DIY’ing,


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